Managing and leading an effective sales team can be more challenging today than ever. Some of issues that CEO’s, Sales Managers/VP of Sales face, are adapting to a crisis (eg: COVID), longer than usual sales cycles, feast or famine pipeline, turnover/retention of sales reps, team morale, strategy, etc.

In this Sales Leadership workshop** you will sharpen the key skills required to become a high-performing sales leader.

Topics include:

  • What is The Sales Manager’s Bill of Rights?
  • Winning against the competition: The Art of Sales War
  • Learn how to integrate Activity Based Sales leadership
  • How to attain a High Performance Sales Team
  • What are the tactics for raising Sales Team Accountability?
  • Why lead with Goals over Quota?
  • How to lead with Control and Confidence
  • Is Performance Onboarding important?
  • Are traditional Sales Meetings dead?
  • Assuring Sales Plan Achievement
  • How do I Invest In My People?

**A Sales Leadership Manual (PDF) and other material will be sent to all attendees prior to training workshop


September 23 – Part 1

September 30 – Part 2

8:30 – 10:30 am EST


Zoom Webinar


$495 for both days